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Note: The picture is borrowed from a press release from the Ozark Medieval Fortress.

Although, as indicated by the picture above, this page is under construction, the following articles and other materials are available for review:

     The First Issue of the “Internet Edition” of the Journal (May 15, 2000).

Excerpts from A Concise History of the Seiber Islands by Professor Klaus Werner Immerschreiben.

     Quinton McHale: Myth or Legend?
by Tali Urulu III, Research Assistant to Professor Klaus Werner Immerschreiben.

     Jake Cutter: Legend or Myth? by Professor Klaus Werner Immerschreiben.

        "Special Letter from the Editor-in-Chief" with news and “gossip” about the Journal, including Professor Klaus Werner Immerschreiben’s being named as the Journal's first "Editor Emeritus" on the occasion of his retirement from Tarafu University and his moving to the Marivellas to take up a new career as CEO of Monkey Bar-ometrics. (Note: on the Monkey Bar-ometrics website the newly named "Editor Emeritus" comments on this “Special Letter”.

     Jake Cutter and the Philosopher's Stone, Part One
by Professor and Editor Emeritus Klaus Werner Immerschreiben.  The focus of this article is aviator and industrialist, Jack Panzer, founder of Bartataria Industries. The article concluded that Jack Panzer was, in fact, Jake Cutter's father.

This September 2002 message in which we summarized the conclusions of Jake Cutter and the Philosopher's Stone, Part One, and explained by Parts Two and Three would be delayed.  We also provided links to newly discovered copies of a 1938 special edition of the Alviso Advocate which reported on Jack Panzer's disappearance on a flight over the Pacific Ocean and included an interview with Jake Cutter.


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