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Jake Cutter and the Philosopher's Stone

by Professor Klaus Werner Immerschreiben,
Editor Emeritus of the Seiber Islands Historical Journal &
Chairman of the Board, Monkey Bar-ometrics

The Author's Prefatory Notes:

In my first brilliant article on the famous Jake Cutter, Jake Cutter: Legend or Myth?, there were things that could not be said--important things, then still classified under the under the Grand Duchy of Wotanberg's and the Seiber Islands' "Official Secrets Acts". I am happy to say that the veil of secrecy over at least some of Jake Cutter's life has been lifted in the wake of the international interest in witchcraft and wizardry sparked by the Harry Potter books and film. Certain secrets regarding the Grand Duchy of Wotanberg's Drachental Military Training Area are now widely known and even frankly admitted by Wotanberg's Grand Duke. For these reasons, I now feel free to share these little-known facts about Jake Cutter with all of the Journal's readers which will both correct and add to the "Bible" provided on the Tales of the Gold Monkey-Full Service Website.

In addition, since writing that first brilliant article, what is known as "The Corky McCorkle CONEX Materials" were discovered. Although it was originally thought that the materials would be limited to "Corky Memorabilia", a number of boxes--apparently given to Corky at some point for safekeeping-- belonged to such other notables as Jake Cutter. My special thanks go out to the Cutter Air Museum, and especially Dr Husila Specht its Curator, for making many of those materials available to me in researching this article and for allowing me to share some of the photographs with you here.

In writing this article, I have assumed that the reader is familiar both with Blanche Lapin's challenging, but flawed book Les Deux Jakes (Boragora: Singe D'Or 1992) and with Professor Oliver Stein's controversial, but useful monograph "Jake Cutter's Father?: The Lone Jake Theory".[1] I will, therefore, provide only a summary of the facts shared by those two works and the aforementioned "Bible".

Given the length of this article and the fact that it is still a "work in progress", it will be published in three installments. Part One will address--and answer--a question that has baffled historians and lay persons alike for years: Who was Jake Cutter's father? Part Two will reveal information about of Jake Cutter's father and how he played a key role in what will undoubtedly become recognized as Jake Cutter's greatest achievement--preventing the Nazis from obtaining the fabled Philosopher's Stone. Part Three will at last reveal the story of Jake Cutter and the Philosopher's Stone.

I must also, however, warn readers that as this article is a "work in progress", in some instances it does not yet include the fastidious documentation to which readers of my earlier work have become accustomed.

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