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          want youThe Foreign Coy of Foot

Since its formation in 1815, the Foreign Company of Foot of Sir Trevor's Own Foot has ably served the Grand Duchy of Wotanberg. As indicated by its name, nearly all of the company's soldiers have been foreigners. Many of these foreign-born soldiers chose to serve the Grand Duchy because, as one of the first constitutional monarchies in the world, it embodies the principle of democracy and justice they held dear. The Company has also been a place where men (and women) could start a new life free of the shackles imposed by their own past. In both ways, the company has given its soldiers a chance to be part of a brighter future.

In the 21st century, the Company remains a place where one can serve not only a nation and its people, but also democracy and justice. It is also a place where one can get a second chance, where one's future--and not one's past--is important.

Today, the Foreign Company of Foot counts among its assigned personnel non-Wotanberger pilots in the Grand Ducal Aero Cavalry and all of the other foreigners serving in the Grand Duchy's military. It consists of a coy= airborne/airmobile infantry unit, as well as two other coy= detachments--1 United States Artillery Field Assistance Detachment [or 1 USAFAD] and 2 Detachment. 1 USAFAD assists the Grand Ducal Artillery (and other units) with the use and maintenance of their U.S.-made artillery, while 2 Detachment is assigned other special missions.

Regardless of how they serve the Grand Duchy--e..g., mechanic, paratrooper, physician, pilot, nurse, or "redleg"--the Foreign Coy of Foot offers its members a demanding, but exciting and rewarding life. For those fearing that service in army of a small country like Wotanberg might be claustrophobic, it should be pointed out that 1 Platoon of the Company have served as U.N. Peacekeepers in many exotic places and that the Company trains with similar units in a number of friendly countries.

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