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1. This page provides a fairly detailed description of the organization, units, and equipment of the Wotanberger military. For a graphic summary, click here.
2. Formal unit name is in ALL CAPS, followed in some cases by its abbreviation [AC].
3. For an explanation of abbreviations/acronyms , click here.
4. Unit's English nickname, if any, is in "Quotes", or perhaps "Linked"
5. Unit's special insignia, if any, is available by clicking on Unit Insignia.
6. Units are not listed in order of precedence.

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(A/R) A regt consisting of its:

'A' BTY "Ever Ready" (A/R) with 3 air-transportable TP each with 81mm mortars, anti-aircraft missiles and anti-tank missiles,  attached to GDAC as part of Wotanberg's Rapid Deployment Force.

'B' BTY "Die Hard" (R) With 3 TP each with 4 120 mm mortars.

'C' (HORSE) BTY "Sea Horse" (R) With 8 Banshees is attached to GDH.
'D' (AERO-)BTY "Dumbo" (R) With 6 Puma HC1 helicopter gunships. This bty were among the Wotanberger army units sent to the Mustela Islands in 1890 as part of the newly formed Grand Duke's African Rifles when Germany and Britain transferred their respective holdings in the islands to the Grand Duchy. It remained in the islands until 1950 (except for the period from 1939 to 1945 when it served in the Seiber Islands), the year the islands gained full independence. The current nickname of "D" BTY reflects the fact that for much of its stay in the islands, it was part the Kikundi cha Tembo ("Elephant Bn"). (See also THE GRAND DUKE'S OWN NAVAL ARTILLERY TP below.)

'E' (MOUNTAIN) BTY "Mallory" (R) Originally equipped with pack howitzers, now with 3 TP each with 4 120 mm mortars.

'AA' BTY "Ack-Ack" (A/R) Originally equipped with 40 mm Bofors guns, in the process of being re-equipped with 6 GDF-005 twin 35 mm guns.

'AAA' BTY "Ack-Ack-Ack" (R) With 6 40 mm Bofors guns.
and the following independent Tps:
1 (SIR TREVOR'S OWN) ROCKET TP "Rocketeer" (A) With 4 Porcupines. Originally organized around members of a British Royal Horse Artillery Rocket Tp who had served under Sir Trevor in 1815 and remained in Wotanberg after Waterloo, some of its current soldiers are their descendents.
2 (THE GRAND DUKE'S OWN) ROCKET TP "Rocket Man" (A/R) With 4 Porcupines.
3 (THE GRAND DUKE'S OTHER) ROCKET TP "Rocket Boys" (A/R) With 4 Hedgehogs.
4 (THE GRAND DUCHESS' OWN) ROCKET TP "Flying Bassets" (A/R) With 4 Basset air defense missile systems (i.e., British Bloodhounds especially modified for Wotanberger service). Unit Insignia.

5 (THE GRAND DUCHESS' OTHER) ROCKET TP "Ladyhawk" (A/R) With 4 Hawk air defense missile systems to be replaced in the next fiscal year with 4 Bassett II's.
6 (THE CHANCELLOR'S OWN) ROCKET TP "Redeye!" (R) With 4 Basset II's. The current nickname reflects that the tp was previously equippped with with Redeyes.

THE GRAND DUKE'S OWN NAVAL ARTILLERY TP "NAVAROne" (A/R) With a World War I railway gun surreptitiously acquired by the Grand Duke in early 1919 and then transported to a specially prepared secret base in the Drachental Military Training Area. (The tp's name and nickname reflect the fact that this tp's weapon--like many WWI railway guns--was actually Naval Artillery modified for use on land.) The original members of the TP were detached from what is now D Bty after it was transferred to the Mustela Islands to serve what has been described as "Victoria's Secret"--coastal artillery clandestinely emplaced to protect the Royal Navy's base on the island of Santa Catarina. After the Armistice in 1918, it became clear that the coastal artillery was no longer necessary to protect the islands from Germany, nor adequate to protect them from anybody else.
REGIMENT TROOPS "Battery Recharger" (A/R) The Regimental Troops is made of units--usually detached from the Support Regt--which provide administrative, logistical, and other support to the regt. They include a signals tp "Battery Cable"; a military police tp "Copper T(o)p"; an ordnance support tp "Gunsmith"; and a detachment from THE FOREIGN COY OF FOOT,  the 1st United States Artillery Field Assistance Detachment [1st USAFAD], which assists the regt with its U.S.-made 120 mm mortars and other American equipment (some of which the Grand Duchy can neither confirm or deny actually exists).