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Wotanberg's Military Museum 

One of the many legacies left to the Grand Duchy of Wotanberg by Sir Trevor Patrick was its Grand-Ducal Military Museum which he founded in 1817 in the capital city of Trevorstein. Originally supported exclusively by the Grand Ducal Family, today it is also supported by both private donations and governmental subventions.

In 1945, the museum was renamed in honor of American Army Sergeant Joe Gunn. In 1950, an annex featuring most of the Museum's impressive inventory of military vehicles was established at Camp Friedlichekiefern ("Peaceful Pines").

Camp Friedlichekiefern is also the home of the Life Guards of the Grand-Ducal Horse, whose 4 PLT operates the Museum. The Camp is adjacent to the Grand Duchy's military cemetary and a memorial chapel named after the Museum's patron saint, Ste Jeanne d'Arc. For more information about Friedlichekiefern and a brief history click here.

The Gunn Museum showcases the many artifacts of the Grand Duchy's military history, including artwork and photographs tracing the history of the nation's military. (A sampling of which are available here.) The museum's greatest pride is Sgt Gunn's own tank, Lulu Belle, which stands perpetual watch over his gravesite in Trevorstein:

Another famous feature of the Museum is this sculpture entitled "Cry Havoc, and let slip the (junkyard) dogs of war!" located at Camp Friedlichekiefern:


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