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Where Wotanberg's history was made
and is preserved for future generations.

Many visitors to Wotanberg just pass through Friedlichekiefern on their way to other business or tourist destinations in the Grand Duchy. This is a shame because, although a visit to Friedlichekiefern can be a sobering experience, it is also an enlightning one.

Friedlichekiefern is the site of the Grand Duchy's military cemetary and a memorial chapel named after the Museum's patron saint, Ste Jeanne d'Arc. It is dedicated to preserve the memories, and remains, of those men and women who have given their lives in defense of the Grand Duchy and/or to advance the ideals of the Wotanberger people.*

Friedlichekiefern is also the site of an annex of Grand-Duchy's Military Museum, named in honor of American Army Sergeant Joe Gunn. The annex features most of the Museum's impressive inventory of military vehicles, as well as displays of other military equipment and memorabilia in a number of historic buildings at Camp Friedlichekiefern. It also features this sculpture entitled "Cry Havoc, and let slip the (junkyard) dogs of war!":

Friedlichekiefern is also the home of the Life Guards of the Household Troops, whose 4 PLT operates the Museum.

*Ironically, Friedlichekiefern is also dedicated to preserve the memories and remains of eight men--members of the French Army who died in France's ill-fated attempt to conquer the Grand Duchy in 1815--who were clearly not dedicated to the preservation of Wotanberg's existence and its ideals. However, their personal bravery and honour inspired the dedication of Friedlichekiefern as a military cemetary and their personal bravery and honour continue to inspire those men and women committed to the preservation of Wotanberg's existence and its ideals.



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