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"Weasels armed to make a difference."

Weasel II Weapons Carriers

The first Weasels in Wotanberg's Army inventory were a number of surplus American Army Weasels obtained after World War II most of which were assigned to what is now known as THE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OWN HORSE (PANZER)JÄGER, GDH.

In the early 1990's the Army received 23 German Wiesel Waffenträger ("Weapons Carriers"), 12 of which were armed with TOW anti-tank missiles and the rest with 20mm automatic cannons. Eight of the 20mm cannon armed Wiesels were assigned to 'C' (HORSE) BTY, GDA and the rest were assigned to PRINCE BRENDAN'S OWN HORSE, GDH.

When representatives of Barataria Industries (who were assisting in the refitting and modernization of GDGB McHale) were introduced to the Wiesels, they were immediately inspired to begin development of a similar, but better vehicle--the Bushmaster.

Barataria Industries developed the prototype Bushmaster armed with either a 20-mm machine cannon or the TOW missile. With special modifications these vehicles--renamed Weasel II's--were purchased by the Grand Duchy. In addition, the Grand Duchy has also acquired or will be soon acquiring for the GRAND DUCAL ARTILLERY both the Banshee Rocket System (SSM) and the Basset II Rocket System (SAM) which are mounted on a Bushmaster chassis.

Both of these rocket systems utilize the revolutionary GATOR ("Gravitational Anomaly Targeting Optimized Radar") developed by Yoyodyne Propulsions Systems. The prototype for the GATOR was successfully tested on the GDGB McHale and has been operational for some time. There are plans to modify a number of TOW-equipped Weasel II's with the GATOR in the near future.

In addition, in FY 2001-02 the Army will acquire the Brunhild an ambulance version of the Bushmaster already being used by the Order of St Hubert and the Weaselmaster, a special command version of the Bushmaster.