1. How large is Wotanberg?   Wotanberg is approximately 250 sqare kilometers (90 square miles).

2. What is the population of Wotanberg? Approximately 40,000 including foreign residents.   

3. What is the capital of Wotanberg? Trevorstein (formerly Weselstein), a city of approximately 25,000 inhabitants. 

  4. What is the official language of Wotanberg? Wotanberg has two official languages, German and English.

5. What are Wotanberg's major industries? Historically, the Grand Duchy's main exports were gold, wool and wool products, sausage casings, and cuckoo clocks. Following World War II, the Duchy's renewal of its earlier ties with Great Britain resulted in increased tourism.  Since 1979 (when Trans-Global Enterprises re-located its headquarters to Trevorstein), Wotanberg has become an important banking and financial centre and is now the home of a number of international businesses .

6. What are some of the businesses which have located in Wotanberg? In addition to Trans-Global Enterprises, businesses now calling Wotanberg home include the Acme Novelty Company; Kornpett Industries, a major producer and distributor of dental and medical equipment; and Yoyodyne Intergalactic, an aerospace firm "Where the future is tommorrow".

7. What type of government does Wotanberg have?  The Grand Duchy of Wotanberg is a parliamentary duchy modelled on Great Britain. Unlike  Great Britain, however, the Grand Duke is not merely a titular head of state, but also serves as commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

8. Does Wotanberg really have an armed forces? Yes. Like Switzerland, Wotanberg has a small full-time military establishment and relies on reservists to support its active duty military personnel during peacetime and to fill out its armed forces in time of war. When fully mobilized, Wotanberg's armed forces total approximately 3,500 men and women who are more than ready to prove the truth of the national motto, Cave Putorem--Beware the Weasel.  For additional information, click here. 

9.   What forms of transportation does Wotanberg offer? Wotanberg is served by the Bad Wolf und Wotanberg Eisenbahngesellshaft (the "Wotanbergerbahn") and Air Wotanberg. Other than flights operated by Air Wotanberg, the Amelia Earhart International Airport located just outside of Trevorstein is not open to civilian traffic without advance authorization.