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The Armed Forces
of the Seiber Islands
Wotanberg's Islands in the Sun


The 1st Unified Seiber Artillery Foreign Advisor Detachment

[1st USAFAD]

A Helava* Detachment


The Detatchment is a company-sized unit which provides technical and tactical assistance to the Seiber Artillery and other units. It is part of the Helava Group, which was formed as the "home" for the many foreigners which had to be employed and enlisted to either provide short-term augmentation of or long-term support for regular Seiber units as part of the Seiber Islands program to strengthen its military.
Like the Detachment's "sister" unit in the Grand Duchy of Wotanberg--the 1 United States Artillery Field Assistance Detachment--many of the detachment's personnel are American "Redlegs" no longer needed to serve their own country on active duty, but who still wish to actively serve democracy and justice. However, the Government of the Seiber Islands will neither confirm nor deny that any of its Detachment's current members were at any time assigned to a U.S. Army unit with a similar name--the 1st United States Army Field Artillery Detachment or 1st USAFAD--which was stationed in Wesel, Germany from 1965 until 1992. The Grand Duchy does, however insist that its 1st USAFAD should not be confused or compared with the American 1st USAFAD, which, as described in a website dedicated to that detachment, ". . . was a Warhead Detachment assigned to maintain control and custody of U.S. nuclear weapons." In this regard, the Government of the Seiber Islands also states categorically that its 1st USAFAD does not maintain custody and control of U.S. nuclear weapons.
Here is a photograph of the Detachment's headquarters on island of St Hubert:
Behind the headquarters is the Detachment's recreational facilities which include a bar--The Golden Nugget Too:
Nearby are quarters for married members of the Detachment (the vehicle in the foreground is a Barataria Burro used as a duty vehicle by the Detachment):

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Detachment, click here.

* "Helava" is the Tarafuan word for "foreign" or "foreigner".